posted on Tuesday, 22nd August 2023 by Steve May

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Sylvox, a Chinese smart TVmaker, is looking to raise its profile across Europe at IFA 2023. The brand will be showing a range of waterproof and outdoor screens for the first time at the Berlin tech fest.

With a focus on multiroom TV environments, and Pro AV solutions, it will present models that it says are tailored to home and commercial environments, including outdoor installations, yachts, bathrooms, and kitchens.

Products making their debut at IFA 2023 include a 15.6-inch waterproof portable TV, with an IP65 rating; the Sylvox Mirror Plus bathroom TV; a retail window display and 2000-nit high brightness digital signage.

Sylvox will also show its Potato kitchen TV choice, a 15.6-inch series of pull-down Android kitchen sets, designed to hang from the bottom of a kitchen cabinet. The Potato set has an HD resolution screen and can be rotated for optimum viewing. Voice control via Alexa and Google Assistant allows cooks to operate the set without using their hands.

Other models from the brand to look out for include its Pool Pro QLED model,  and its Deck pro exterior screen, and Potato kitchen TV.



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