Sylvox: 5 ranges of televisions for different rooms in the house

 Thursday September 7, 2023

Sylvox offers a complete range of televisions adapted to the different needs of users as well as display screens for businesses. Sylvox televisions integrate perfectly into the different living spaces of a home and offer users a high-end visual experience.

Sylvox offers its televisions in 5 ranges, each adapted to a use case:

  • The outdoor range
    This offers the possibility of spending friendly moments on the terrace. The televisions offer up to 2000 nits of brightness, significantly more than those dedicated to indoors. Whether it rains or shines, the IP55 waterproof performance and cooling technology mean you don't have to put them away in bad weather or extreme heat. With the 4K Ultra HD screen and integrated applications, the television experience is optimized for a moment of sharing with guests. Price: from €1,119.
  • The kitchen range
    This folding kitchen TV is ideal for watching a recipe video or your favorite series while preparing a delicious meal for your family. It has a cooking timer so you don't burn everything. Price: €639, currently discounted to €499.
  • The bathroom range
    Lounging in the bath is a moment that many enjoy. This moment of relaxation can now be accompanied by entertainment with the range of waterproof TVs for the bathroom. When not in use, the TV transforms into an elegant mirror to blend into the surroundings of the room. Price: from €799.
  • The portable waterproof range
    To take with you everywhere, this portable waterproof television is the ideal ally for watching your film while on the move. On a buoy in the pool, on the work surface while you watch the cooking or simply to put away the laundry, there is no longer any reason to miss a bit of the plot. Price: €499.
  • The exterior range for commerce
    In a restaurant to liven up the terraces or to energize the window of a business, Signage 2.0 display screens provide a more pleasant customer experience. Price: €3,699.

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