This connected TV cannot be put in your living room… but in your swimming pool

Netflix and swimming pool



The IFA in Berlin is not just the big meeting for the biggest manufacturers. On the television side, many other players are present, with different proposals to stand out. This is the case of Sylvox, which is demonstrating a connected TV designed to be used in its swimming pool.

We are not going toIFA than to see the latest LG television or the latest range of connected objects: the show is also an opportunity to discover more or less innovative products. Among them, there is the waterproof portable television from Sylvox: it can be placed anywhere, including in a swimming pool.

A TV that's water-resistant, but isn't very pretty

Nothing prevents you from placing it in your living room, but it is clear that the design is somewhat outdated. Large borders on the sides, and above all finishes that leave something to be desired: the connectors are somewhat damaged and we can see some imperfections. Let's be careful: this is a demonstration model for the living room, not necessarily a commercial version. In any case, the system to protect the connectors from water is a rubber band which seems very difficult to put on.

The Sylvox connected TV is IP65 certified, which means that it is resistant to dust as well as jets of water in all directions. The guaranteed water resistance is nevertheless somewhat different from what Sylvox assures, whether on its stand or on its site: the device can go into water without problem. Moreover, it floats on water, even with its approximately 2.5 kg. A bar located at the back allows you to place the television vertically.

You might think that the screen is touchscreen, but not at all: you have a few buttons at the bottom to control the volume, change channels or sources. No, to control this television, a remote control is provided, and it too is obviously water resistant. Although the design is very dated, there are buttons to directly access Netflix, YouTube and the Play Store (a priori).

A screen that can be put anywhere, except outside

What interests you the most is also the screen. It's a 15.6-inch LCD panel with a classic definition of 1920 by 1080 pixels and a refresh rate of 60 Hz. It's very classic, as is its maximum brightness, which is a problem: 400 cd/m² only. Where to see outside, you would need double: this is what we have on the majority of smartphones.

Consequently, the screen is very dim, therefore almost unusable during the day. This Sylvox TV is made for your swimming pool, but only at night or when the weather is bad or if it is covered. Another problem which means that it cannot necessarily be used outdoors: its operating temperature. Sylvox announces that the range is 0 to 40°C: in summer, in direct sunlight, temperatures can be above 40°C.

On the OS side, we find Android TV (based on Android 11), which allows you to take advantage of SVoD services in particular by connecting to the Internet via Wi-Fi. In terms of connections, you are entitled to an HDMI port as well as a USB port.

Finally, and because it is a television that goes into water, there is a battery to avoid connecting a mains cable to it. With a capacity of 10,000 mAh, it allows Sylvox to announce three to six hours of autonomy. Given the low brightness of the screen, this figure seems likely. For the moment, the screen is not planned for sale in France.



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