The television highlights at the IFA: These are the trends of tomorrow

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The world's largest TV manufacturers will show their new products at IFA 2023. We'll show you the TV highlights at a glance.

On the IFA 2023 In Berlin, the big TV manufacturers are showing where the journey is headed. What's noticeable this year: The devices are getting even bigger - Samsung is offering some models with a 114-inch screen diagonal. In addition, OLED is not the end of display technology. More and more manufacturers are now using micro LED technology, which is intended to combine the advantages of OLED and LED.

We couldn't identify many unusual concepts. Some manufacturers continue to show transparent displays, which in our opinion, given the current state of technology, do not bring any advantages, but rather mainly disadvantages. The most interesting is certainly the battery-powered TV from LG, which you can even take with you to the beach.

Sylvox - waterproof televisions

Manufacturer Sylvox presented some interesting televisions for special applications at the IFA. The manufacturer offers, among other things, a folding kitchen television that can be mounted under a wall cabinet.

Der Sylvox-Küchenfernseher lässt sich ausklappen.
The Sylvox kitchen television can be folded out. (Source: Sylvox)

The screen can be rotated so the image can be viewed from different angles. The device also has an LED clock display and an integrated timer. The recommended retail price is 639 euros, but the manufacturer is currently running a discount campaign. Within this, the TV is available for 499 euros.

Sylvox has also introduced a portable, waterproof television that can even float on water. The device has a 10,000 milliamp hour battery and offers Full HD resolution. Android is used as the operating system, so you can use various apps on the smart TV.

Schwimmt sogar auf dem Wasser: Der tragbare Fernseher von Sylvox.
Even floats on water: the portable television from Sylvox. (Source: Sylvox)

The maximum brightness is 400 nits, which means the device is not suitable for use in bright sunshine. The RRP for the model is 499 euros. There is also a matching bathroom television from Sylvox, which is also waterproof, but has another special feature.

Das Modell "Mirror" ist Spiegel und Fernseher in einem.
The “Mirror” model is a mirror and television in one. (Source: Sylvox)

The television becomes a mirror when not in use. The device runs Android 11, the resolution is Full HD and the brightness is 650 nits. The manufacturer's recommended retail price is 799 euros.


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