IFA 2023: Smart TVs for outside, the bathroom & more

If you don't want to do without a smart TV outside of the living room or bedroom, Sylvox products are ideal. Whether it's a terrace, bathroom or pool, there is a suitable television for many purposes.

On the IFA 2023 The manufacturer Sylvox is present, which specializes in multifunctional Smart-TVs has specialized. So there are televisions on offer that are not typical living room models. The portfolio includes, among other things, protection against rain and sunlight Outdoor-Exem­plar as well as bathroom examples integrated into mirrors and also waterproof. A portable television and a kitchen smart TV are also available. The press release contains recommended prices for Europe. The devices are also available in this country.

Sylvox: Smart TVs for outdoor use

Outdoor-Fernseher in Aktion

                                        Outdoor television in action


Common Smart TVs are hardly suitable for use in the garden, on the terrace or on the balcony. Rain could make the televisions unusable and in strong sunlight you can hardly see anything of the picture. The Chinese company Sylvox has a solution in the form of outdoor models. These have a brightness of up to 2000 cd/m² and dust and splash protection according to IP55. The televisions should also be able to operate between temperatures of -30 degrees to +50 degrees Celsius.

The cheapest model in the 43-inch format costs 1,199 euros. The most expensive model in the 75-inch format costs 6,999 euros. All products have a UHD (4K) resolution. There are three different series. In the series Deck there is one Linux-Betriebs­system Use with Deck Pro Android 11 and the upcoming Deck Pro 2.0 Google TV. All TVs have a WiFi connection, USB and HDMI and support a variety of streaming apps - including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Disney+ and Paramount+.

Sylvox: Smart TVs for the kitchen, bathroom and pool

Montierter Küchen-Fernseher

                                        Mounted kitchen television


In addition to the outdoor televisions, the company also offers numerous devices for other areas of application. There is a 15.6-inch smart TV that can be mounted under a hanging kitchen cabinet or a wall shelf. It runs Android 11, supports dual-band Wi-Fi, and is rotatable. An LED clock with a timer and alarm function makes kitchen work easier. The device currently costs 499 euros, the regular price is 639 euros. Smart TVs for the bathroom hidden under a mirror are available from 799 euros. TVs floating in the pool cost at least 499 euros.



                                         Bathroom Smart TV


The offer for private users is rounded off by 12 V models. These are available in 22 inches for 370 euros or 24 inches for 406 euros. A DVD player is integrated. Thanks to the connection for the on-board voltage socket in cars and motorhomes, such devices are ideal camping companions. If desired, operation via a standard power connection is also possible. Until September 10th, Sylvox will give you a free cover or soundbar, depending on your smart TV.

Lidl now has one Outdoor and construction site radio.


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