65" QLED Outdoor TV Smart by Google TV - 2024 Deck Pro Series 2.0 Gen. QLED Version
65" QLED Outdoor TV Smart by Google TV - 2024 Deck Pro Series 2.0 Gen. QLED Version

65" QLED Outdoor TV Smart by Google TV - 2024 Deck Pro Series 2.0 Gen. QLED Version


65" QLED Outdoor TV Smart by Google TV - 2024 Deck Pro Series 2.0 Gen. QLED Version

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Smart TV with support for Google TV

IP55 waterproof and 4K

Dolby Atmos

2000NIT brightness

Fully sealed, robust outdoor TV

  • 2024 upgrade version :
    1 . Using Google TV Sistem instead of Android
    2 . With Dolby Atmos sound effects
    . With QLED - QLED display: higher image quality
  • Premium Display : 4K UHD LCD screen with 178°/178° viewing angle
  • Professional for outdoor use :
    1 . 1000 Nits: 2-3 times brighter than conventional TVs
    2 . IP55 waterproof and 99% dustproof
    3 . Resistant to temperatures from -30°C to 50°C
    4 . Metal frame: corrosion and scratch resistant
  • For business use :
    Sufficient for outdoor areas of restaurants, cafes, hotels, etc
  • Full Smart Features :
    1 . Free apps download
    2 . Voice control - With integrated Google Assistant
    3 . Smart Control - Control your TV with your smartphone
    4 . Chromecast - Cast photos, videos and music to your TV
  • Full Connectivity : Wireless - Wi-Fi and Bluetooth / Cable - HDMI x3, USB x2, RJ45 x1, etc.
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43 zoll
976x87x575 mm
16.8 kg 40×20 cm
55 zoll
1244x87x726 mm
24.7 kg 60×40 cm
65 zoll
1463x87x884 mm
30.0 kg 60×40 cm
75 zoll
1685x87x974 mm
40.5 kg 60×40 cm

  • Display technology: LCD
  • Backlight : QLED
  • Frame rate: 60Hz
  • Response time (typical): 5ms
  • Contrast (typical): 3000:1
  • Operating system: Google TV
  • TV-system: DVB-T2/S2/C&PAL
  • Network input: LAN & WIFI
  • Remote control: infrared, Bluetooth, voice control
  • Bluetooth: 5.0
  • WLAN: 2.4G + 5G
  • Screencast: Android & IOS
  • Stromeingang: 100-240V
  • Musik: MP3, M4A, AAC,WMA
  • Foto: JPG, BMP, PNG
  • Audio output: 2×10W
  • Connections: HDMI x3, TV tuner x1, USB x2, RJ45 x1, headphone output x1, optical output x1

*** More Specifications and Compared can be found at the bottom of the page

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Fully Waterproof Outdoor Television

2024 Deck Pro 2.0 QLED Outdoor TVs

Google TV takes streaming to the next level

Dolby Atmos - Dive deep into history with Dolby.

QLED display – Larger color spectrum, higher brightness, lower energy consumption

1000 nit High Brightness

2-3 times brighter than conventional televisions

Quantum dot technology

Larger color space, higher brightness, lower energy consumption
Smoother transitions between dark and light scenes

QLED Precision Color

QLED technology offers a wider color gamut and more accurate color reproduction, resulting in more vivid and realistic images and videos

Commercial quality 4K UHD

Balloon colors provide you with a more precise and accurate analysis of the source signal.

Stream everything on one screen

With over 700,000 movies and TV episodes available across 10,000 apps, as well as over 800 free live TV channels

Personal conversation

Discover new favorites with personal profiles with recommendations just for you.

Control your TV with your smart phone

Add content from TV, app or Google Search with one click on the watchlist icon. Ready to watch anywhere.

Update list instantly from anywhere at any time.

Add content from TV, app or Google Search with one click on the watchlist icon. Ready to watch anywhere.

Dolby Atmos Audio

This patio TV offers a three-dimensional sound experience and creates an even more immersive and lifelike audio environment

App to download

voice control

Chromecast integrated

IP55 and weatherproof

Connection via Bluetooth and WIFI

Robust Outdoor Construction

The high-quality full metal housing ensures the durability of the TV in various conditions.
It promises a longer lifespan of the device due to its robust construction.

We have 4 options for you
Packages are cheaper than buying them individually

Option 1 – TV only

Option 2 - TV + TV Mount (Three mount options).

Click here to view the details of Sylvox TV mounts

Option 3 – TV+ Professional Waterproof Soundbar (can be mounted directly to the bottom of the TV using the included fixings)

Click here to see the details of Sylvox waterproof outdoor soundbar

Option 4 – TV + Mount + Outdoor Soundbar

If you purchase a TV + Soundbar, please specify “Larger Size TV Cover” to get a TV cover that fits both the TV and Soundbar for free

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Der Hauptunterschied zwischen Deck Pro/Deck Pro 2.0/Deck Pro 2.0 QLED/Pool Pro/Pool Pro 2.0/Pool Pro 2.0 QLED

Sylvox Outdoor TVDeck ProDeck Pro 2.0Deck Pro 2.0 QLEDPool ProPool Pro 2.0Pool Pro 2.0 qled
SystemAndroidGoogle TVGoogle TVAndroidGoogle TVGoogle TV
App herunterladen
Unterstützt Screencasting-GeräteAndroid & IOSAndroid & IOSAndroid & IOSAndroid & IOSAndroid & IOSAndroid & IOS
Google Assistant
Helligkeitsstufe1000nit1000nit1000nit 2000nit  2000nit  2000nit 
Dolby Atmos

Technisch Infomation

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