Sylvox 24" TV 12V con Reproductor de DVD (Serie Limo 2023)
Sylvox 24" TV 12V con Reproductor de DVD (Serie Limo 2023)
Sylvox 24" TV 12V con Reproductor de DVD (Serie Limo 2023)
Sylvox 24" TV 12V con Reproductor de DVD (Serie Limo 2023)
Sylvox 24" TV 12V con Reproductor de DVD (Serie Limo 2023)
Sylvox 24" TV 12V con Reproductor de DVD (Serie Limo 2023)
Sylvox 24" TV 12V con Reproductor de DVD (Serie Limo 2023)
Sylvox 24" TV 12V con Reproductor de DVD (Serie Limo 2023)

Sylvox 24" TV 12V con Reproductor de DVD (Serie Limo 2023)


Sylvox 24" TV 12V con Reproductor de DVD (Serie Limo 2023)

Precio de oferta €479,00

para casa y coche

CC (9 V-36 V) CA (100 V-240 V)

Reproductor de DVD incorporado

  • Inteligente: sistema Android 11.0, tienda de aplicaciones integrada, las aplicaciones se pueden descargar de forma gratuita.
  • DVD: el reproductor de DVD integrado admite discos DVD/VCD/CD
  • Para uso en coche, transporte de larga distancia y cabañas de vacaciones:
    1. TV de 12 voltios, admite entrada CC de 9-36 V, con adaptador de corriente CA de 100-240 V
    2. Se puede conectar a una antena y satélite.
    3. Consumo de energía (W) <30W
    4. Diseño sísmico, la mejor prueba de vibraciones 4G
    5. Diseño de protección múltiple
  • Para uso doméstico: también suficiente para uso doméstico
  • Más funciones :
    1. Televisor FHD de 1080P con ángulo de visión ultra amplio de 178°H/178°V.
    2. Admite Chromecast desde dispositivo Andorid o IOS a TV
    3. Doppellautsprecher (Dolby MS12-Sound)
    4. Conexión inalámbrica: WiFi y Bluetooth
    5. Múltiples conexiones con USB, DVB-S2, DVB-C/T/T2, COAXIAL, CI+, etc.
    7. Diseño Rahmenloses
  • Garantía del producto de 2 años.
  • Envío desde Europa, llega dentro de 2-5 días hábiles
    Sin soporte
    Peso neto
    22 pulgadas
    100x100 mm 3,0 kilos
    24 pulgadas
    100x100 mm 3,6 kilos
    32 pulgadas
     200x100 mm 6,6 kilos


    Montaje en columna


    control remoto


    Tarjeta de garantía

    Cargador de coche


    adaptador de corriente


    Tecnología de visualización: LCD
    Tiempo de respuesta (típico): 5 ms
    Brillo (cd/m2, típico): 250 cd/m2
    Relación de contraste (típica): 3000:1
    Velocidad de fotogramas: 60 Hz
    Bluetooth: 5.0
    Relación de aspecto: 16:9
    Entrada de red: RJ45 y WLAN

    HDMI 1: CEC
    HDMI 2: ARC

    Más especificaciones y comparaciones de modelos se pueden encontrar en la parte inferior de la página.

    Idioma 22" y 24" 32"
    Inglés PDF PDF
    alemán - alemán) PDF PDF
    Español (español) PDF PDF
    Francés (francés) PDF PDF
    Italiano (Italiano) PDF PDF
    • Envío gratuito a países de la UE
    • 30 días de devoluciones gratuitas
    • Soporte Multilingüe Global
    • En stock
    • Pedido pendiente, envío pronto
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    Hacemos nuestro mejor esfuerzo para mejorar su experiencia visual.

    Smart TV para viajes y en casa. Flexible para diferentes entornos.

    Un producto práctico que no quedará sin usar.

    Adaptador automático

    Reproductor de DVD incorporado

    Android TV inteligente

    Calidad 1080FHD

    Duplicar pantalla

    Calidad de sonido de alta fidelidad

    Perfecta para una cabaña de vacaciones

    Televisor de 12V de alta calidad

    Sin marco y ultradelgado

    Un diseño ultrafino con un bisel increíblemente estrecho de 0,04 pulgadas

    soporte metálico

    Soporte estable fabricado con materiales metálicos de alta calidad (el soporte para TV de 32 pulgadas está hecho de plástico de alta resistencia en lugar de metal)

    Conexión Bluetooth y WiFi

    Conecte parlantes externos para disfrutar de su contenido favorito mientras viaja

    Ángulo de visión amplio de 178°/178°

    La imagen permanece perfectamente visualizada incluso desde diferentes ángulos.

    Televisor pequeño para casa y coche.

    soporte de escritorio

    No es necesario perforar agujeros, es fácil de mover e instalar (incluido en el paquete estándar)

    montaje en pared

    Ahorro de espacio y muy estable mientras viaja (debe adquirirse por separado)

    Uso multifuncional

    ports from user manual.jpg__PID:5faa87f6-9aab-4d23-930b-2a8bd726d30d

    Compatibilidad múltiple

    Tenemos 4 opciones: el paquete es aún más rentable

    Opción 1: solo TV

    Opción 2 – TV + Soporte de pared


    Opción 3 - TV + Barra de sonido 12V

    Opción 4 - TV + soporte de pared + barra de sonido de 12V


    12V TV

    FHD TV

    DVD TV

    Smart TV

    Technische Spezifikationen und Modellvergleich

    Wenn du diese Seite auf dem Handy ansiehst, wird empfohlen, das Tablett im Querformat anzuzeigen

    Nettogewicht: 3,0 kg

    Nettogewicht: 3,6 kg

    Nettogewicht: 6,6 kg

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 22 reviews
    Michael Heuperman
    Full options but slow

    The TV has an okay picture and many features, Android TV etc. but its so slow that many streaming apps wont give a nice view. The streams stutter and falter and even many times freeze. Even tho its connected on 1gbit internet on a cable. Too bad

    Francis Zummo
    A Great TV!

    We're very happy with our new Sylvox tv. We bought it for our RV and it's the perfect size for a small rv bedroom. We had a little issue with the AC adapter but Sylvox's customer service immediately shipped us a new one. It's ships with AC and DC adapters as well as an easy to use remote. If there's something you can't figure out on the remote, the tv manual is easy to understand. We highly recommend this tv


    Just received my set a week ago, it was easy to setup and works great in my RV.

    Daughtry Holly
    Product Review: SYLVOX 24 Inch TV 12 (Limo Series)

    I recently purchased the SYLVOX 24 Inch TV from the Limo Series for my boat, and I must say that it has exceeded my expectations in many ways. This 12 Volt Smart TV offers a host of features that make it a perfect addition to any boat or RV setup.

    First and foremost, the picture quality is outstanding. The Full HD 1080P resolution ensures crisp and clear visuals, making it a pleasure to watch movies, sports, or even regular TV shows. The colors are vibrant, and the viewing angles are good, which is especially important in a confined space like a boat.

    The built-in DVD player is a convenient feature, as it saves the hassle of carrying an external player and cords. I've used it to play various DVDs, and the playback quality has been consistently good. It's a great option for entertainment during long journeys or when anchoring at a beautiful spot and wanting to watch a movie.

    Another highlight of this TV is the ARC (Audio Return Channel) and CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) support. With ARC, I can connect the TV to my home theater system using a single HDMI cable, and the audio is transmitted back to the speakers without the need for extra cables. CEC allows me to control multiple connected devices using a single remote, streamlining my setup and making navigation a breeze.

    The WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity are convenient features, allowing me to connect the TV to my mobile devices for streaming content or listening to music. The TV's smart capabilities enable access to various apps, although the app selection might be limited compared to larger, more mainstream smart TVs.

    One aspect that impressed me is the TV's power efficiency. Since it operates on 12 Volts, it draws less power compared to traditional TVs, which is perfect for boating trips where conserving energy is crucial.

    The design of the SYLVOX 24 Inch TV is sleek and compact, making it easy to fit into tight spaces. The build quality feels sturdy and durable, which is essential for a TV that might experience some movement during boat trips.

    However, there are a couple of minor downsides worth mentioning. Firstly, the audio quality is decent, but it could be improved. External speakers or a soundbar would enhance the overall audio experience. Secondly, while the smart features are handy, the TV's interface can be a bit slow and clunky at times.

    In conclusion, the SYLVOX 24 Inch TV from the Limo Series is an excellent choice for boat and RV owners looking for a compact, energy-efficient, and feature-packed TV. The impressive picture quality, built-in DVD player, ARC/CEC support, and smart capabilities make it a great entertainment companion on your water adventures. Just bear in mind that investing in external speakers might be necessary to get the best audio experience. Overall, I am satisfied with my purchase and would recommend this TV to fellow boating enthusiasts.

    Good customer care.

    I ordered a 24", that is fantastic for not buffering while watching movie apps. The problem I had with the old one was it didn't get updates for apps cause the browser would not support the apps. I tried getting a new browser and the operating system wouldn't support it. I didn't have that problem with this Sylvox. The only problem I had was the remote didn't work very good. Amazon give me a hundred dollar gift card, and I contacted the manufacturer and they give me a replacement without no fight at all. Simple pic of the model and serial number on back, and a screen shot of my Amazon shipping I sent them. Didn't take no arguing. They asked what the problem was, the next thing I knew, I got a replacement. Great tv great customer service from both companies. I will buy again, for sure.